Brother wants something in return for doing sisters homework

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Ok i would like it to start out with your younger brother did your homework for you and he wants something in return. He says he wants to see you strip for him,your shocked and mad and you tell him no way but you think that since he has been doing it for a week straight now you figure ok but you tell him to lock the door because mom and dad are downstairs.You then see he has an erection and you cant help to feel bad for him and you ask him if he is a virgin and he is embarrassed to say yes but he does. You then ask him if he ever had a blowjob before and he said no you cant believe it so you offer him a deal since you feel so bad for him you will give him his first ever blowjob if he does your homework for the next month he agrees. You tell him to stand up and take it out and you tell him we need to make this fast because mom and dad are downstairs. Soon as you start he cant believe how good it feels and after a little bit he asks if he can cum in your mouth and you say no way, how about on your face… okay but you have to do all my chores too. so he cums on your face and you tell him that he must tell no one about this. Mandy Flores